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Nahanni National Park

One of Canada's best kept secrets!

One of Canada's best kept secrets, the Nahanni National Park is only accessible by floatplane or helicopter! A popular river for avid paddlers, the South Nahanni snakes its way down through the Nááts'įhch'oh and Nahanni National Parks. With deep canyons, towering peaks, glaciers and the awe-inspiring Virginia Falls, there is never not something to look at!

Your Pilot & Tour Guide

With over 16 years flying experience and 7 of those spent conducting tours into the Nahanni, Sergei is dedicated to delivering you a safe and reliable tour experience. His role as both pilot and tour guide, you will be sure to hear some of the Nahanni's legendary myths and stories throughout the day.

The Floatplane

Goose Flying Service utilizes the tried and proven workhorse of the north, The Cessna 180! Equipped with floats in the summer and skis in the winter, this versatile machine can transport up to 3 passengers and pilot into the backcountry where the roads don't go.
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